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Hekima Review (HR), an academic journal of Hekima University College (HUC), Nairobi, Kenya,  is an international, open-access, peer-reviewed Journal of Theology, Governance and Peace Studies. With an editorial board of leading scholars and experts, HR publishes research articles, book reviews, and poetically crafted texts in scriptures, theology, religious studies, governance, peace studies, international relations, and relevant disciplines. To uphold its scholarly integrity and quality, each published article undergoes blind reviews from at least two experts, chosen in line with the discourse of the article. HR has been in continuous publication bi-annually since its inception in 1988, committing to intellectual originality and depth.

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Hekima Review No. 68 May 2024
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The invitation to story-telling indicates a significant triadic gain. Firstly, story-telling is revelatory. It discloses the existence of the narrated. This way, the listening audience learns about a world beyond their immediate and enclosed cosmos, a space outside of their familiar space. Secondly, this revelatory sphere creates an enabling environment for epistemic possibilities. Here, story-telling reveals more than mere existence to disclose capabilities. Thirdly, similar to the case of Achebe’s lion, story-telling has a teleological agenda; it is in the telling that glorification becomes a relishable reality. As such, story-telling discloses existence, exposes capabilities and unfolds purpose.

Published: 01.06.2024



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