Authors’ Consent Admission Form

Authors’ Consent Admission Form

Publication in Hekima Review is free, without any charges being imposed on the author. To cushion the financial burden of publications, recently published issues on Hekima Review’s website shall be accessible only through an annual subscription fee of 20 USD. Hence, the following consent statements apply to authors who wish to publish with Hekima Review:

  • Hekima Review reserves all property rights/copyrights of all articles published. By signing this form, authors agree to transfer the copyright of their articles to HR. This implies that authors who publish in Hekima Review grant the journal a non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free permission to publish, share, and distribute their articles publicly in both print and digital formats under a CC Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license.
  • Authors may share the front page, table of contents, and abstracts of recently published articles in Hekima Review on different platforms. They may also share the website link to the published articles but not the actual articles.
  • All digitally published articles available through subscription only shall become free and open-access after three years of publication. Authors may then post their articles on an institutional repository, public/personal website, or personal page of an aggregator site such as and ResearchGate.
  • Authors may edit and expand their published articles into a thesis/dissertation.
  • Authors may re-publish their articles elsewhere only after receiving written consent from the director of Hekima Review. The latter publication must, however, cite the original publication in Hekima Review. In other words, third parties shall necessarily cite the original publication when reproducing or re-publishing articles already published in Hekima Review.
  • Genuine complaints bordering on ethical integrity, such as plagiarism, shall be promptly and appropriately addressed by the author(s) following an e-mail from Hekima Review.


Therefore, I ______________________________________________ fully consent to the above-stipulated statements.




Author's Consent Form