License Agreement


Immediately after the editorial board of Hekima Review approves an article for publication, the Director of the Review will officially write to the author(s) with the terms of publication, seeking their explicit consent (See the Authors’ Consent Admission Form for details). The authors’ consent implies that:

  • Hekima Review will publish their articles (in print and digital formats) and make the digital articles available for three years to subscribers only.
  • After three years, the articles will be made open-access and available to all Hekima Reivew’s website users.
  • Articles will be published under a CC Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license.

The general scientific community norms, especially citation of one’s sources, will apply to all accessible materials on this platform. For more explanation on the Creative Commons license, which applies to the published articles on Hekima Review’s website, kindly refer to About CC Licenses - Creative Commons.